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Thanks for visiting my website! currently, I'm employed by Vetro Media, doing front-end design for websites and apps, so in the meantime, please join me on Instagram or drop me an e-mail on

    AAbout Me

    I Iive in Johannesburg and it is the only place I call home. I could describe myself as a lot of things, but creative and passionate are at the top of the list. When I’m not designing, I honing my skills as an artist and illustrator….which I’m realising is my true calling. You can also find me blogging, hanging out at the coffee shop, cooking with my husband, playing with my baby girl, or exploring South Africa. I’m blessed to call my life-long passion my full-time job. I absolutely love what I do! Currently, I'm the head of design at VetroMedia. It is a great opportunity to grow in the digital media world as I will be doing front-end design for websites and apps. You are still welcome to contact me through my blog, On my blog you will also find my services and be able to view my work.

    CContact Info

    : +27 (0)82 880 4831
    : Randburg, Johannesburg